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Welcome to Abansys:

This guide will allow you to know all the tools available your reach to manage to put into operation the lodging that you have contracted. You will be able to know in addition, how to accede to your Extranet de Cliente, how to accede to your Control Panel of lodging, to raise your webpage the servant and to create and to form your accounts of mail.

As you already know, to be able to publish a webpage and to have services Web two things are necessary:
  • To register a domain name. The domain is the name with which your website will be identified. Each domain is unique in Internet.

  • To contract hosting (lodging Web) for the domain. Hosting is a physical space available in a servant in whom it will lodge the applications Web for its domain.

The Extranet

All our clients have a personal and essential tool to all the contracted product management, the Extranet de Cliente.

From extranet you will accede to all the information related to your lodging, I dominate, promotion Web, etc. that you have contracted.

In order to accede to your personal Extranet direct to and clica to you on the access that you will see in the right part superior “Extranet de Cliente”

In the window that will appear to him next you will have to introduce your e-mail and password by means of which he is to you of high as client. He beats in Entering. The following screen already is your Extranet of client.

In order to realise an access to your Extranet, you must have deshabilitado any type of AntiPopUp system in your navigator or operating system.

If you have forgotten some your data of access (mail or password) clica in the connection “You have forgotten your password” and you will be able to recover it through e-mail. In the case of not remembering the mail, you have a connection to fill up a form with data to recover your information as client of Abansys.

Control Panel Abansys

In addition to the personal Extranet of Client, when contracting a lodging for your domain you will receive a mail with the data of access to your Control Panel.
From the own Extranet you will be able to accede to your Control Panel clicando on the name of your domain Web in the section “Product Management”


To have on watch mail is very simple. We will guide to you from now on in all the steps necessary to create your mailboxes of mail and to form your accounts.

The first step that you will have to realise will be to create your directions of email in the Control Panel of your lodging (the previous section of this guide indicates you how to accede to this one).

Once you have acceded, you will be able to create so many directions of mail as you need.

Once created the post office in your Control Panel, you will be able to accede to the content that you receive in them of two forms:
  • To form your account in a client of local mail. It learns how to form your account in the client of Outlook mail here

  • </
  • To accede to your account by means of a navigating Web. Webmail is a service that will allow you to accede to the content of your accounts of mail from any computer, without previous configuration and by means of a navigating Web. In order to accede you will have to clicar in “Webmail” in the main menu of Abansys next to the access to the Extranet de Cliente, and to introduce in the field login the name of the account of mail to which you want to accede and the password of this account which you specified when creating it in your Control Panel of lodging.

Publication Web

A fundamental part of your hosting is to lodge your webpage. We will guide in the steps and forms that arrange to publish your webpage.

One of the simplest ways to do it is by means of programs FTP as FileZilla, or Dreamweaver.

You can unload the FileZilla client from this URL:

It learns to raise your webpage by means of FTP with FileZilla here

It learns to publish your Web with Dreamweaver here.

The content of your Web you will have to lodge it in the /httpdocs folder that you will find when connecting itself to your lodging. In case of having CGI's (archives that they require of permissions of execution in the servant) you will have to lodge these in the /cgi-bin folder

Forms of payment: Banking transference/Debit/Card