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From Abansys we want to give a series you of advice to contract a domain that fulfills a series of requirements that will increase your traffic, even marks to personnel or your confidence with Google.

Wise that are many names of domains that well are not seen by the robots of Google?

  • Escoje a good extension

    We recommend that you register with the most generic extension possible to include major operational range. They are the TLDs calls (Top Level Domains). These are by order of importance at world-wide level: .COM, .NET, and .ORG. For Spain, the most used it is the .ES. You can register several extensions for the same domain. This can be últil in several aspects: The registry of multiple extensions for the same name, for example and, are a form to assure your brand so that it cannot be to be registered by another one. It is possible to direccionar the access from several domains for a main domain.

  • A short name

    We know that it is very difficult to find a name of domain with a single word, but you do the attempt. The reason is that the more short and the more generic it is the much more easy Domain will be to memorise.
    Another one of the advantages to choose a short name is at the time of creating your Brand, a short name and simple it can be a brand easy to remember.

  • Keywords

    If you wish that your positioning Web is much more fast and effective, it always uses keywords in your names of domain.
    The keywords must be related to your professional sector. In order to know them you only must use the tool of Keywords of Google and go trying if the domain name this available one.

  • It avoids the numbers and scripts (-)

    Another one of the elements that you must avoid is the numbers and scripts, or to include only one of both elements at least. It at all costs avoids to use both in the same domain, because they harm the positioning in Google and are also marked as Spam.

  • Register it by several years.

    We are conscious that he is not the same to pay a year that several. Nevertheless it is another detail that Google values from the moment which you put under your site its directory. If you cannot pay by the 10 years of registry, it at least tries to do it by 2 years. It is a good form to tell him to Google that your website is serious and will be in line for a long time.

  • It avoids the recognized brands.

    The companies are demanding to proprietors of websites by illegal use of brands, so taken care of much if you try to face an existing business. Assure to you to register a name of domain of good faith, and think about the possibilities and the connections that can exist between your and another business.

With your Domain you obtain:

  • Redirection of Domains

    By means of the redirection of a domain it will be able to point his domain towards the direction Web that wishes. Of this one form, it will be able to do that his domain registered in Abansys, note for example to a gratuitous space provided by another supplier, avoiding directions extremely difficult to remember on the part of the visitors of his website. With the registry of a domain in Abansys and its gratuitous redirection, it will be enough with writing in navigator to accede to his site. The redirection of domains also is very useful when it is had several registered domains and it wishes that all aim at the same website.

  • Page of courtesy car park

    If he registers his domain and still he does not have lodging Web, if some user keys his direction in a navigator, accedes to a courtesy page in which will be to the message “domain in car park”, instead of the found document page “” that it shows the navigator by defect, not favoring in this way that their page is visited in another occasion and avoiding that the user interprets that the domain does not exist or that the direction committed an error when writing.

  • Complete management of DNS

    When registering its domain can establish the servers of names that you wish, or to even solicit that own ones are created him theirs.
    It manages registries DNS (MX, To, CNAME, NS…). In this way it will be able to establish the servant who will receive or manage the mail of his domain, it will be able to associate his domain to a direction IP, will be able to create alias or subdomains, to establish as they will be the servers of name of his domain, etc. From his extranet prevailed will be able to publish and to update all the data of its domain, among them the DNS. What it will allow him to associate his domain to the DNS that needs automatic form at any time.

  • Renovation from his extranet

    You will be able to renew his name of domain of simple form and in real time from his own extranet private, without needing returning to introduce all the necessary data for a registry, nor realising a new process of hiring.

  • Update and modification of data

    From his extranet prevailed will be able at any time to modify or to update the data of its domain and so many times as it wishes, of a simple and immediate form. This characteristic is very important, since these data (for example the e-mail that administrative contact of the domain appears as) are vitally important at the time of managing their domain renewing it, transferring it etc.

  • Customized Professional attention

    The professionals who integrate our department of domains are to their whole disposition to advise and to help him before any doubt or necessity to him related to the process of registry, renovation or transfer of their domain. Abansys he will enjoy a careful personal attention so that any action that wishes to take to end is to him comfortable and it does not suppose any misfortune for you.

  • Guarantee of immediate registry

    Its domain will be registered automatically and immediately at the same moment in which it realises the payment of the same. Of this form, Abansys eliminates the possibility that any delay on the part of human personnel in the execution of the registry can on the other be translated in the loss of the same to the registered being person.

  • Automatic warnings before the expiration

    Our system will warn automatically to him when the date of expiration of its domain is near (90, 60, 30, 15, 3 and 1 day before its expiration). Of this form it will avoid possible incidences as the loss of his I dominate, derived from the forgetfulness of his renovation.

Why in Abansys?

  • More than 150,000 domains

    Abansys has registered than 150,000 domains, obtaining the leadership by our professional trajectory, service the offered and best assured price, guaranteeing more that its domain will be registered by and for You

  • All the Extensions

    Generic, territorial, multilingual domains… In Abansys, we helped you to register all type of domains.

  • Ease of use

    Few companies offer a simple, economic and immediate process to him as Abansys. Extranet of client will have the complete management of its domain through his, in her will be able to modify all the data of its domain, servers DNS, redirections and to renew its domain if that is its desire.

  • Attention to the client

    It will have a customized and individual personal attention on the part of some professional totally qualified to advise to him on domain names.

  • Accreditation of its Compra

    Extranet of client will obtain its invoice in his immediately, without delays and thus it will have the accrediting document of his purchase and to its name.

  • More than 60,000 clients

    At the moment, Abansys, is perfectly strengthened in the sector of the services of Internet, and is considered as one of the 3 more important companies of the country. We are a solid and present company in the market of Internet from 2001 and counting on the confidence of more than 60,000 clients.

  • All the official accreditations

    At the moment, Abansys, is one of the 10 companies in Spain that counts on all the official accreditations in the registry of domains, that guarantees a reliability and seriousness forced towards our clients.

  • Security and Confidence

    Any person or company who wishes to register her domains, and given the importance of these in the image, promotion and even economic march of a business nowadays, must make sure the answer capacity of the supplier to which they delegate the registry of her domains. Every day they are plus the small businesses that arise in the scope of the services of Internet, integrated by 4-5 groups people, who in spite of their praiseworthy entrepreneurship and his effort, count neither on the qualification nor on the structural nor economic capacity sufficient to subsist nor to compete with the present market, stopping their activity in periods of time superiors to 1-2 years and not becoming a serious problem for their clients.

    From Abansys, we advised to any company or person that wishes to settle down in Internet under a name of domain that makes sure the state, trajectory and facilities of which prepares the supplier which it will contract its services.

Forms of payment: Banking transference/Debit/Card