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A situation privileged in the Spanish market

On Abansys

Abansys, is a platform specialized in the global benefit of services for Internet, that includes each and every one of the services or products that any company, professional or individual can need for an effective presence in the network.

From our beginnings in 2001, we have maintained a trajectory of constant growth, to occupying one of the 5 first positions of our country as supplier specialized in services of registry and lodging of domains.

Fruit of the great growth undergone throughout the last years, we have been reinforcing our platform, always under a solid infrastructure and supported in some professional highly qualified with the purpose of to every time provide to our clients with some services of a greater quality and with more and more high stop satisfaction degree.

Abansys counts on a solid experience of more than 12 years, in which we have realised permanently, important investments in our physical infrastructures as as much technical, as well as all the qualified professionals who compose our group and who are in constant formation.

Abansys is in constant evolution and dedicates a 20% of our income to I+D+I. Our main premise is the one to continue offering a careful service of Attention and Support to the Client, as well as to increase our range of products and services of Internet based on the present and future needs of our clients with the best relation quality/price.

Enterprise policy

In Abansys we are conscious that an suitable enterprise policy acts for offering some services of greater value. We want to share with our clients the main premises of our equipment:

  • Abansys has created a platform able to offer globalised products.

  • We contribute integral solutions of Internet to our clients.

  • We unify all the essential products so that the companies, organisms, institutions and individuals have all the necessary one to begin in the world of Internet.

  • We highly have some competitive prices and with the quality that hopes.

  • We count on innovating tools of management for all the products and services that we offer.

  • Our clients have his extranet of client, who of centralized way allows to manage, to contract and to renew all the products and services him available of a form totally automated.

  • We for this reason, know important that it is to give a service of customized attention, our Department of Attention and Support to the Client is to its disposition the 24 hours, the 365 days of the year
  • We are pioneering in offering an anonymous form to harness the market of the distribution of services of Internet, our distributors sell our products anonymously (without the name of Abansys). Thanks to this bet we have penetrated in this market of unstoppable form. Nowadays, more than 3,000 companies of the technological sector they distribute and they commercialize our products and services with real white brand.

  • Abansys does without intermediaries. This philosophy of leadership has made possible the creation of an own infrastructure: Infrastructure, Servers, Equipment, Qualified Personnel, etc.

  • This professionalism and independence have allowed us that at the moment we are one of the 10 official cash registers who count on all the accreditations as for example ICANN (domains .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz), ESNIC (domains .es), EURID (domains .eu). , PUNTCAT (domains .cat) among others…

  • All these characteristics place to us at the moment as one of the main companies domain name registers with than 200,000 domains more registered.

Internal departments

  • Department of Administration

    Its mission is the one to manage the proceedings of our clients with the greater possible speed and responsibility. Its section of Accounting must as objective support the financial management of the company, by means of the elaboration and up-to-date maintenance of the budgetary and countable registries, as well as manage with efficiency and effectiveness the economic resources, reviewing and approving or not in each circumstance as much technical investments as of RRHH that the departmental Directors solicit.

  • Department of Management of Domains

    Its function is the one to control all the processes of registry that take place in our automated systems, to solve doubts and to give support to our clients, as much in the registries of domain as in its renovations or transfers. The department of management of domains also is the one in charge to manage the registry of territorial domains and to attend the commissions and meetings of credited cash registers summoned by ICANN, ESNIC, EURID, PUNTCAT… etc in which counts on voice and vote for their evolution and development.

  • Department of Distribution

    Its purpose is the one to pay an excellent attention to all those people and companies adhered to our program of distribution.
    At any time our department of distribution will be preparation to advise to them and to endorse to them in anyone of its commercial law actions, to give them to support in the use of his extranet of distribution and to maintain to them informed on all those changes and new features sent by Abansys that can be to them of interest.

  • Department of Development Web

    Its section of design has the mission to imagine, to give form and to project the image of its products or company through Internet.
    The programming section Web is the one in charge to analyze, and to develop any oriented application to Internet. Our department of development Web has qualified professionals trained in the fields of the graphical design and communication, and programmers trained in different design and programming languages of data bases. Both sections work in close collaboration to obtain projects of a high visual quality and suitable functionality.

  • Department of I+D+I

    Its function is the one to foment the investigation and the development in the matters regarding the improvement of all our technological processes, management of dns, optimization of processes and efficiency of our servers, analysis and testeo of new services and applications, Control Panels… Analysis and results that will become improvements of our services after being implanted by our technical department.

  • Service of Support to the Client

    Destined to solve any incidence that can arise in anyone from the services contracted by our clients.
    Abansys has equipped to this department of an outstanding relevance, since on him the satisfaction of all our clients will depend in a high percentage. Our department of support solves any incidence that can appear with the greater possible speed and through different communication channels: specialized telephone attention.

  • Department of Promotion Web

    The assignment of this department is the one to execute and to take to good term anyone of the promotion options Web that offer Abansys, discharge in finders, preparation of advertising campaigns, and search engine optimization.
    The professionals who conform this department are in continuous formation and update of their knowledge, due to the changeable nature of the algorithms and parameters search used by the finders with the purpose of to offer the maximum effectiveness and satisfaction to our clients.

  • Department of Adm. of Systems

    He is the one in charge, on the one hand, to manage and to activate all the discharges of plans of lodging in our servers, and on the other, of the installation and maintenance of our machines in center of data.
    Another one of its main functions is the one to maintain at any moment updated the versions of the operating systems installed in our servers and to apply to the improvements and innovations that facilitate from the department of Investigation and Development to them.
    Its operation is constant during 24h of the day, monitoring the services and acting with the greater speed before any incidence.

  • Department of Quality

    The Dpto. of Quality it is a department whose main aim is the one to start up the processes necessary to optimize and to improve the processes and you rule internal, based on the satisfaction of the clients.
    Another one of its functions is to look for the development and the active participation of the members of the company, to improve the quality of the work of the own members of the company, being obtained a favorable atmosphere of work in adapted equipment and a personal and professional growth.

Historical evolution

Our company initiates its activity in 2001. As of that moment we began to offer our products through our portal in Internet. This first period price will serve to verify us the great demand in the market of services with a good relation quality/, and to understand and to evaluate the needs of the users of the network. New products and new areas of business and development consider, emphasizing a platform that allows distributors to sell our products as white brand.

Since then we characterized by the product diversification and development of tools of personal management of products by the users. It is a year that serves as to taking from contact and first approach to the market. Of this learning we extract important experiences and useful information: products demanded by the users of Internet and that other suppliers do not offer, personal and technical attention of quality and that the consumers of services of Internet demand, factors whose satisfaction we have considered as a priority and to which we have dedicated all the necessary effort, effort that nowadays us has been corresponded through the confidence of our clients.

Already in 2003, we were able to put in practice all the acquired experience and the planning carried out during the previous year. During this period our invoicing is increased in a 500%, parallel growth to the number of clients who deposit their confidence in our company.

Little by little, our company was holding fast in the Spanish market, well-known increasing the number of clients who trusted us and allowing us to continue harnessing our infrastructure without for that reason turning aside to us of our main objective: to offer attractive products and with a price really fit to the real costs, development of tools to the service of our clients, and extension of our group with truly qualified personnel.

For more than one decade all our effort and mainly, the confidence of more than 50,000 clients, has consolidated to us as one of main companies ISP of the country, position that with total security, we reinforced with our exclusive brand for the Abansys distribution, through which in addition to maintaining the recognition and accreditations of the main organizations and companies we hoped to manage to be a reference for the companies dedicated to the commercialization of our products and services.

Technological accreditations and Partners


Abansys one of the 10 only empesas in Spain that counts on the accreditation of Icann, world-wide organization who regulates the names of domain names. In order to obtain this accreditation, the Cash registers must fulfill a series of strict technical, legal requirements and of security. These demanded requirements guarantee a superb quality and a service. Thanks to our experience and technological quality, Abansys has become one of the main domain name registers under the code of country .ES Compruebe our accreditation   Agreement of registry RAA 2009   Rights and Duties of the Registrantes

Abansys one of the 35 only companies at credited world-wide level as Recording Agent by ESNIC. In order to obtain this accreditation, the Recording Agents must fulfill a series of strict technical, legal requirements and of security. These demanded requirements guarantee a superb quality and a service. Thanks to our experience and technological quality, Abansys has become one of the main domain name registers under the code of country .ES Compruebe our accreditation


Abansys has been recognized as Recorder Credited by EURid, the international organization selected by the European Union to manage the extension of the dominos .eu. The digital identity .eu has been transformed into a necessity for all the people, companies and institutions of the European Union that they look for to identify itself in Internet in the world-wide market. By means of this accreditation, Abansys can offer to its clients domain names with the extension .eu with all the possible technological guarantees and on watch. It verifies our accreditation


Abansys offers to its clients solutions of first level based on Microsoft products, especially in servers dedicated under Windows, and makes its available the last platforms and solutions of development created by this company. This accreditation supposes that Abansys has professionals credited by Microsoft. In order to secure this certification it is necessary that these people surpass a series of examinations that guarantees the good use of the tools and Microsoft technology.


After an important agreement of partnership with PARALLELS, Abansys one became the first Partner Spanish Platinum for the ditribución of the more powerful and awarded Control Panels of the world, the Control Panels Plesk. The important agreement of Abansys with PARALLELS among others many advantages, allows a direct and preferred support with the engineering equipment of PARALLELS to solve any incidence and power to guarantee to the 100% excellent operation of our services of Lodging Web to all our clients.

Ripe Ncc

Abansys is member of the RIPE NCC, organism superior responsible for the management of numbers IP of Internet. Our quality of Members of Ripe allows many advantages us, counting on an amplest rank of own IPS among others. RIPE NCC is one of the 4 Regional Registries of Internet (RIR) that at the moment exist in the world, providing the services of allocation and of registry that supports the global operation of Internet. It verifies our accreditation

Graphical organizational chart

The establishment of a suitable organizational chart is one of the pieces key for the correct operation of a company of the dimensions of Abansys. After an exhaustive Abansys analysis it has designed his organizational chart in which the directive responsibilities as well as the different functions, relations and obligations between the members of the company are established and executed as well as possible to obtain the maximum effectiveness and quality in anyone of the actions that we took to end. Also, also the procedures of work more adapted for the definition of positions and responsibilities have been implemented, structuring our group in different specialized departments.

Our Data center

Abansys has its own Data center, located in Valencia and is provided of the high tech and equipped with the infrastructure more outpost with our country, offering in this way the service and effective more surely possible. It is lodged in Spanish territory, fulfilling the stipulated thing in the LOPD (Statutory law of Protection of Data, Law 15/99). Our Data center satisfies all the requirements settled down by the Uptime Institute for the maximum certification (Tier IV) that guarantees an availability of the infrastructure of 99 ' 99% on the basis of a redundancy of 2n+1 of all the equipment.

Electrical redundancy and Refrigeration

Undertaken triple electrical

We have electrical provision from three different centers of transformation, by independent ways. In addition to an electrical picture with selective protections (including magnetotérmico and differential by circuit (two circuits by closet)), two Circuits of energy of System of Uninterrupted Feeding to the closets, for systems with superfluous circuit and power supplies of commercial network (dirty power) in perimeter of the room for auxiliary services and tests.

Air conditioning

We have a system of a system refrigeration with a redundancy of 2n+1. The temperature of operation is of 22º±2ºC (adjustable) and the ambient humidity of 50%±10%.

System of Uninterrupted Feeding and Generator set

The batteries that feed the system are of Hermetic Plomo type without maintenance and recombination of gases (10/12 years of average life). These batteries are able to give an autonomy to the 100% of load during a minimum of 3 hours.
Complementing these batteries, we have installed a generator set located in the cover of the building. The power of this generator set is a 50% superior to the fully factored load of the system, and its autonomy is limitless while the gasohol deposit fills up of fuel with a capacity of 940 liters. The set of the installation mounts in a soundproofed metallic cabin and totally equipped for the use to which it is destined.

Safety measures

Security of control of access and monitoring

The control, security systems of access and monitoring follow the strictest standards, including controls of access by means of magnetic card, control of opening of doors, a system of permanent monitoring and control of access (the 24 hours of the day).

Protection against floods

They exist distributed in each room detectors of flood and humidity. All the building has properly signalized and visible, in case of emergency, the exits in emergency, the evacuation plan.

Detection and fire extinguishing

Detectors of optical type exist distributed by all the building. A centralized system manages all these detectors (along with systems of precocious detection of atmosphere oxygen absorption) the control and prevention of any fire that could take place in center of process of data.
The elements and structure, as much sustentante as maintained they guarantee the stability against the fire in degree EF-90 as with the OPI (Decree of Protection against Fires).

Our Network

Abansys has an infrastructure of network of last technology and totally is resulted.

- Abansys has own Independent System (AS196713), its own space IP and support of BGP4, which allows us to realise an efficient guidance of the traffic and to react dynamically before any change in the network.
- International of first level (Tier 1)
- Direct interconnection with both main existing neutral points in Spain (ESpanix and Catnix), through independent ways.
- Main network of last technology with electronics of 10GbE

We invited to that you verify our excellent response times, doing ping to you to direction IP of one of ours routers:

Our Systems

Abansys bases its platform on systems of last generation that provide a technological architecture of high performance that unifies equipment, networks, storage access and resources of virtualization with an only point of management while it considerably reduces to the needs of electrical consumption with an efficiency energetics never seen in the sector of the technologies of the information. On the basis of stateless server and the use of Boot on SAN, in case of failure hardware in a node, we can provisionar another node with identical configuration, restoring the service in a matter of minutes and without loss of information. All the data lodged in the network of Abansys are served from our network of storage, through multiple and superfluous ways of fiber, with technology of double parity that guarantees a greater security of the data but with a yield equivalent to the one of a RSupport 10.

The security is first

  • Monitoring:

    Abansys monitors 24x7 all their infrastructure in all the possible levels, from the environmental variables from the data center to the different services offered by each virtual machine, happening through the state of the network (consumptions of characterization, bandwidth of the traffic by ports origin, operator of destiny, latency with the networks of the main suppliers, etc), the state of each component of our systems and storage or the platform of virtualization. More than 10,000 items the 24 hours are monitored in real time.

  • Backup copies:

    In addition to before counting on storage in network of last generation, talked back and with maximum tolerance failures thanks to the double parity, Abansys realises copies daily increases of all their infrastructure and periodic complete copies to them, which allows us to be able to recover any system to previous a concrete state in a matter of minutes.

  • The security as philosophy:

    Abansys works actively to reduce to the presence of malware in Internet and the diffusion of Spam. For it he is present in the main forums of the sector as the Forum Abuses, along with the main Spanish suppliers and has established Loops Feedback, and it collaborates actively, with the main suppliers through which it is notified of any detected activity:

Location of the room:

Hidden room of the external view
Place respectable
Without shared offices

Technical ground:

It supports mean load of 400Kg/M2
Antistatic ground
Taking to earth


Direct connectivity with the neutral points of Espanix/Catnix
Connection to multiple international exits
I number of independent attacks for the lines of communications 3
Distance between lines of access (m) 10


Separated electrical wiring of the one of communications
Generator set
Number of Systems of Uninterrupted Feeding working in parallel, superfluous 3
Number of transformation centers working in parallel 3

Air conditioning:

Equipment of refrigeration monitored 24x7
Connected air conditioning to uninterrupted feeding
Number of equipment by room 4

Protection against Fires

Type of detectors Optician
Fire extinguishing Gas F112
Smoke detectors and temperature by room 24

Protection against floods:

Number of detectors by room 3

Physical security:

Video-monitoring 24x7
Control of access by magnetic card
Intrusion detection
Electromagnetic doors antipanic with blockade

Forms of payment: Banking transference/Debit/Card