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Abansys facilitates to the companies the protection of its brands before the arrival of the new domains

During the next months, the launching of hundreds of new extensions in the Network is programmed, culminating a process initiated in 2008 that allows the main communities of users to have its own name of domain in Internet.

This process has created certain nervousness between the proprietors of brands, but we offer the solution to them: they will be able to easily protect his commercial denominations in anyone of these new extensions of a easy and intuitive form, thanks to the service TradeMark Clearinghouse that offers Abansys.

Of the 270 present extensions, new ones in the following months will be added to them some 1,500. By this fact, many businessmen will have to armor their commercial denominations in the extensions that are to them more interesting for their markets. For example, a bank that is in the heat of international expansion will be interested in protecting its commercial denomination under .bank, .berlin and .arab; a manufacturer of bicycles could register his .bike or .sport and what company would not want to have .blog for its corporative blog?

Ever since the liberalization in 2008 announced, ICANN, the world-wide highest authority in the matter of domains, have guarded at any moment so that this process does not generate confusion between the users and companies. However, with similar number of extensions, the registry of domains will not be as easy as before for the companies with several brands, that usually protects the majority of them, nor either for the advisers specialized in intellectual and industrial property.

In order to facilitate these managements, ICANN has created a world-wide and centralized data base, denominated TradeMark Clearinghouse (literally, “Repositorio of Trademarks”), that allows the proprietors of the brands to protect its denominations under these new domains before its commercial launching.

Abansys as recorder credited by ICANN, has created the service for companies TradeMark Clearinghouse, that allows you to protect up to 10 orthographic variants of a same brand before these extensions are opened to the public.

With the discharge in this service, the companies will participate in which Sunrise Phase is denominated, that provides a preferred registry of the brands, as it happened the past in to .tel or multilingual .es. In addition, once this new domain arrives at the market, they will also receive alert in case a third party tries to register a domain that agrees with a given brand of discharge in TradeMark Clearinghouse.

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With our service you obtain:

  • Registry of the data name brand

    The Official Registries of each new extension of domain will have to go to that data base to guarantee the protection of the trademarks that have been credited in the Trademark Clearinghouse.

  • Shield against Third parties

    We will formally notice that the domain that some third party tries to register agrees with an authenticated brand in the data base of the Trademark Clearinghouse and its registry would suppose an infraction of your marcarios rights.

  • Warning of fraudulent requests

    All the holders of trademarks in the data base of the Trademark Clearinghouse will receive a notification whenever a third party tries to register that denomination under some of the new approved extensions of domain.

  • Priority Sunrise Phase

    You will be able to ask for the corresponding domain, during the different phases of Sunrise from new gTLDs. Without needing passing a process of validation through each new extension, nor paying the rates of validation of each of them.

  • 10 variants of domain

    Additional in addition to the name name brand.

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