Transfer of Domains New gTLDs


It grants Security to your Domain

What domain you are going To transfer?
Your chosen name followed of the extension and clica writes in looking for


  • You are the Administrative Contact

    The only person who can realise a transfer, is the administrative contact of the domain.
    In order to verify if figures or not as administrative contact, you can do it from our finder of domains.
    In case you are not administrative contact of your domain, it asks for the change to your old supplier.

  • Domain with more than 60 days

    The domain must have more than 60 days of life since it was registered (except for exceptions as .es)

  • That it has not expired

    If he were expired would be rejected by the present recorder.
    He is advisable to initiate the transfer proceedings 60 days before the date of expiration.

  • It does not have to be blocked

    This is a modality used by some cash registers and holders to protect the property of its domain. In this case, you will have to contact with your present recorder so that it unblocks your domain. (This norm is not applied .es)

  • Auth Obtained Code

    The generic domains (.com, .net, .org, biz, .info, .eu), need Auth Code or authorization code to manage the transfer of your domain successfully. You will have to put to you with your present recorder in touch so that they facilitate it to you.

  • Outside an arbitration process

    It does not have to be under an arbitration process. The ICANN blocks the domains that are in judicial dispute or of another type.

  • For domains .es

    The process of transfer of a domain .es, requires of Auth Code to complete itself, neither to have an antiquity of 60 days, nor to be unblocked.

Process of Traslado

  • Your Action with your old supplier

    The first that you must do is to solicit to the old supplier of your domain, the Auth Code (Authorization code) of the same and its unfreezing (in the case of .es, it will not be necessary) to be able to take to end the transference.

  • Hiring of Traslado

    It writes in the box search the name of your domain with his extension, presses the button “To look for” and continues until finalizing the hiring of the transfer of the domain.

    In some minutes after the hiring we will send an approval e-mail to him to the e-mail of the administrative contact that appears in the public WHOIS of your domain. When writing in the box search the name of your domain with its extension and pressing the button “To transfer my Domain”, we will indicate to him what is the e-mail admnistrativo at which it is going to him to arrive the e-mail from approval.

  • Your Action with Abansys

    It approves the transfer of your domain, from the email that we have sent to you, beating in the approval connection and introduces the Auth Code that your previous supplier has facilitated to you previously in the first step. (For the domains .es does not require Auth Code).

  • Service of Consultancy of Domains


    • We advised to you and we helped you in the recovery of your domain
    • We surely transact the processes of transaction of domains
    • We manage processes of arbitrations of domains

Why in Abansys?

  • More than 150,000 domains

    Abansys has registered than 150,000 domains, obtaining the leadership by our professional trajectory, service the offered and best assured price, guaranteeing more that its domain will be registered by and for You

  • Ease of use

    Few companies offer a simple, economic and immediate process to him as Abansys. Extranet of client will have the complete management of its domain through his, in her will be able to modify all the data of its domain, servers DNS, redirections and to renew its domain if that is its desire.

  • Accreditation of its Compra

    Extranet of client will obtain its invoice in his immediately, without delays and thus it will have the accrediting document of his purchase and to its name.

  • All the official accreditations

    At the moment, Abansys, is one of the 10 companies in Spain that counts on all the official accreditations in the registry of domains, that guarantees a reliability and seriousness forced towards our clients.

  • All the Extensions

    Generic, territorial, multilingual domains… In Abansys, we helped you to register all type of domains.

  • Attention to the client

    It will have a customized and individual personal attention on the part of some professional totally qualified to advise to him on domain names.

  • More than 60,000 clients

    At the moment, Abansys, is perfectly strengthened in the sector of the services of Internet, and is considered as one of the 3 more important companies of the country. We are a solid and present company in the market of Internet from 2001 and counting on the confidence of more than 60,000 clients.

  • Security and Confidence

    Any person or company who wishes to register her domains, and given the importance of these in the image, promotion and even economic march of a business nowadays, must make sure the answer capacity of the supplier to which they delegate the registry of her domains. Every day they are plus the small businesses that arise in the scope of the services of Internet, integrated by 4-5 groups people, who in spite of their praiseworthy entrepreneurship and his effort, count neither on the qualification nor on the structural nor economic capacity sufficient to subsist nor to compete with the present market, stopping their activity in periods of time superiors to 1-2 years and not becoming a serious problem for their clients.

    From Abansys, we advised to any company or person that wishes to settle down in Internet under a name of domain that makes sure the state, trajectory and facilities of which prepares the supplier which it will contract its services.

Forms of payment: Banking transference/Debit/Card